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"This looks like it could be one of the BEST possible resources for SoR as it is not just regurgitating the basics and moving things forward. Thank you."

"I have just discovered this blog and think it is fantastic. Allows me access to research I couldn't afford to subscribe to. We don't get enough scientific data at school to base our teaching directions on. Thank you so much"

"I love the recap. It makes it possible for me to keep up with recent research that would otherwise be inaccessible for me. Thank you!!"

"As a time poor teacher (and mum) who is really keen to keep up with the current research your newsletter is a God-send - THANK YOU :)"

"I am so appreciative of your work. You are providing a critical service and I know that it is no without much effort. I applaud your efforts and look forward to your continued publications."

“Loved your explanation of the importance an significance of RGT and Meta-analysis-
Thank you for your work!”

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